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Festival Artist 2023 - Jen Dunk

Jen Dunk.jpg

Jen Dunk is an illustrator & designer who grew up in Minnesota in a small town on the edge of cornfields and open sky. Since then she’s lived in New York City, Frankfurt, Chicago and now resides in Oak Park, IL with her husband, two tween boys & a sweet dog named Birdy. She’s excited to be working with new technology and techniques in art-making! Her work comes out of a deep affinity for nature, color, pattern, and composition. Self-described as a serial doodler, she loves putting pen to paper (or stylus to screen) and creating something that hopefully makes people smile.

Jen's lovely artwork, featuring an Elf Owl and other desert wildlife, will be featured on the 2023 Southwest Wings Festival T-shirt

2023 artwork.jpg
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