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WEDNESDAY, March 24, 2021 at 11 AM Arizona Time


Twelve New Clouds

The International Cloud Atlas was first published in 1896 and is considered the most authoritative and comprehensive reference volume for identifying clouds. Now it's not every day that the world officially accepts a new species of cloud but in 2017 twelve clouds types were newly classified in the Atlas’ first update in 30 years. Join Glenn Minuth to find out how clouds, like flora and fauna, have an official classification system with ten different genera subdivided into species. More importantly, learn all about the new twelve so you can add them to your 'Life List'.
Glenn Minuth is a 34-year career federal civil servant. His bachelors and graduate degrees are in geography with specialties in cartography, geomorphology, remote sensing, and geology. Others areas of academic focus were biogeography (flora/fauna), weather/climate, and pedology (soils). His research focused in the area of geomorphology and geology examining mound micro-relief (Mima-type mounds) on volcanic mudflows in the central Sierra Nevada foothills, California. He's been a part time instructor in geography and geology for 20 years in Cochise College credit and non-credit programs where he conducts field trips and lectures in the areas of military history, ecology, weather/climate, geography, and geology.

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