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keynote dinner ​2020

Join us: Thursday July 30, 2020 at 5:30 pm 


Keynote Speakers: Kimberly and Kenn Kaufman


Kimberly Kaufman is the Executive Director of Black Swamp Bird Observatory (BSBO) in northwest Ohio and also the co-founder of The Biggest Week In American Birding, the largest birding festival in the country. She is a contributing editor to Birds & Blooms Magazine, and coauthor of the Kaufman Field Guides to Nature of New England and Nature of the Midwest.


Kenn Kaufman is author of the cult-classic book Kingbird Highway, professional tour leader, and now writer, editor, and illustrator. He has written a dozen books, including his own field guide series, Kaufman Field Guides. The series now includes volumes on North American birds (in English and in Spanish), butterflies, mammals, insects, advanced birding, the nature of New England, and the nature of the Midwest. His latest book is A Season on the Wind: Inside the world of spring migration, published in April 2019. Kenn is a field editor for Audubon magazine, a fellow of the American Ornithological Society, and the only person to have received the American Birding Association’s lifetime achievement award twice.


Kimberly and her husband Kenn make their home in Oak Harbor, Ohio.

Birds and People: A Powerful Connection

With rich, vibrant colors, beautiful and bizarre songs, intricate nests, and astonishing feats of migration, birds enrich our lives in myriad ways. In this lively and beautifully illustrated presentation, Kimberly and Kenn Kaufman will explore a few of the reasons they believe birds captivate us beyond any other aspect of nature, and why natural areas are essential components of our quality of life.



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